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Healthy Gums & Hygiene Treatments

Healthy Gums & Hygiene Treatments

At The Dental Suite we provide a consultative preventative dental care service to give you advice and instruction about how to maintain good oral and dental health. Our dental team conducts a full periodontal gum and oral cancer examination as part of every dental visit.

Proactive periodontic care is a positive and effective step that helps prevent dental disease rather than waiting for problems to occur. During the preventative care program, treatment is kept to a minimum; the hygienist will give advice and instruction on oral hygiene and dental care.

Showing you how you can effectively care for your own gums and teeth is the first step to maintaining a long lasting and attractive smile. Looking after your teeth doesn’t start with your teeth but with your gums. Without healthy gums we cannot hope to retain our teeth, no matter what treatments we offer.

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