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Bruxism and Wideset jaws

Bruxism and Wideset jaws

Patients who are known to clench and/or grind their will often find that the thick muscle on the side of the face (massater muscle) is enlarged. The muscle can often be tender and painful in severe cases. Botox® can be used to relax this muscle thereby:

  • Reducing the influence of the muscle in bruxism cases and making it difficult to clench or grind teeth
  • Reducing the tenderness in the muscle associated with bruxism
  • Reducing the size of the muscle to soften facial contours (reducing the width of the jawline)

Botox® to the massater muscle takes about 6 weeks before you see the difference and will last typically around 6 months.

This treatment can be used in conjunction with mouth guards to help to protect teeth and restorations from chipping or breaking.

Investment @ £395

You are invited to arrange a consultation with Dr Doll to assess your needs and construct a personalised treatment plan.

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